20 june 2003


yoga, meditation, lush gardens, intoxicating odors,  evocative, meditative sanctuaries, fasting, fast pedals, and theatre—writing and performing—all go  far in describing Avi. purple sneakers are my signature. purple passion, viburnum judii, sugar magnolia, lavendar lilac, the sweet, the erotic, the fecund...

i am at the beginning. these photographs are a beginning...i am shooting with a canon digital SLR 40D, which i purchased a few years ago to replace my digital rebel. i gave eli, my son the rebel, though he rarely uses it, preferring his latest version of a point and shoot. the rebel comes in handy though when a second body proves convenient.

 much of my photographic life is on slidefilm. fortunately they are  well organized, accessible, and as time allows, i scan, edit, and upload them to this site. i began film based life on a pentax K1000. after years and years of service that camera became missing in action, left in the backseat of a cab circling  Prague. i replaced it with another pentax, an ME which worked either manually or automatically, but i tired of this camera, and when i had an opportunity to replace it with another K1000 a friend had found at a camera show, i made the purchase. at the moment i must confess, i cannot imagine returning to film anytime soon—there is far too much to learn in the digital world—though i do enjoy a roll of film every once in a while. i even dig up my yashica electro 35 once in a blue moon. i think a road trip with all my camera gear, lenses, bodies, tripods, my coleman stove and proper cookware, would be simply fantastic.

having eli’s work on this site is exciting. he has a great eye and he has become very passionate about using his latest camera, a canon A75 point and shoot. it’s an excellent pocket size camera with darn good focal length, and takes very sharp photographs. we love  it, particularly on treks, when convenience is paramount. eli's photographs are in the family gallery below.